Well Equipped Studio
available for rent in Darmstadt

Highly Flexible Studio for Photography and Videography

Highly Flexible Studio for Photography and Videography

A → 001_ Interior

Our Studio offers a cyclorama measuring 5.8 by 3.5 meter with 3 meter in height and is by default in matte white.

If desired or necessary it can be painted in chromagreen for green-screen work. The cyclorama can be devided from the lounge area by a set of special acoustic curtains. The studio ceiling is equipped with movable truss for studio lights, fixtures and object placement inside the cyclorama. Several stools and decorative pedestals are available for placing people and objects in front of the camera. The lounge area offers cosy chesterfield sofa and armchairs for up to 6 people. The nearby break room offers coffee, tea and water.

A → 002_ Equipment

In our Studio we offer well selected equipment, enhancing your experience and output. All shown Equipment is included.

3x Aputure Nova P300C
RGBWW LED Panel Studiolight
2x Godox DP600III
Godox AD300Pro
Portable Flash
Godox VL300
LED Studiolight
Several Softboxes
3x Heavy Duty Light Stand
Light Stand
4x Light Stand
Light Stand
Light Reflector

A → 003_ Book it

Below you can make a booking for our Studio. Pricing starts at 25€/h. It is available from Monday-Sunday from 9am to 9pm